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Bicycle Map and Wayfinding Signs

  • Project description

    A project led by local bike enthusiasts

    Area residents (and avid bicyclists) Greg Olson and Jeff Corcoran volunteered more than 200 hours to help staff identify bike routes, the best locations, and information to include on the bike signs.

    The money saved by their volunteer hours allowed the City to use the majority of the grant funds for this project, $50,000, to make and install the signs that otherwise wouldn't have been possible.

    Bike wayfinding signs

    New bike wayfinding signs are along major bike routes throughout the City.

    • These directional signs inform bicyclists which direction to travel to get to a specific destination.
    • In addition to arrows pointing the bicyclist in the right direction, the signs includes mileage and number of minutes to the destination.
    • The time is based on a rider traveling at 10 miles per hour.
    • The bike signs help with safety by increasing awareness for drivers to watch for bicyclists. 

    • Project Background
    • Status and Updates
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    Project Background

    Good for community

    Bike wayfinding signage and bike maps help encourage residents to ride their bikes to promote health and a livable community. Gresham promotes bicycling and walking as an option to driving alone.


    The City applied for and received a $50,000 Regional Travel Option grant from Metro, which receives federal funds from a program called Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality. The City donated $10,000 in staff time to this project, and the Gresham Regional Center Transportation Management Association donated $3,000 in staff time to help produce the bike map.

    This map was updated and reprinted in September 2015 through a grant funded by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Status and Updates

    Bike guide

    Gresham bicycle map and guide

    Gresham’s bike map and guide is available on water-resistant paper at Gresham City Hall. Whether heading to work or biking for recreation, the map helps a bike rider choose the best route to a destination. The back of the map includes rules of the road, safety tips and much more.

    The bike map and guide is available at Gresham City Hall, local bike shops and the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce.


    Katherine Kelly