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Historic Southeast Neighborhood Association

  • The Historic Southeast neighborhood is characterized by older, more traditional homes and relatively few businesses. It includes the schools East Gresham Elementary and Dexter McCarty Middle School, plus Thom Park. It had been coined as a "20-minute neighborhood" as most services are located within a 20-minute walk. 

    All residents and businesses in Historic Southeast are members of the neighborhood association and encouraged to participate. Meetings are held quarterly for one hour. Notices of meetings are placed on neighborhood yard signs, this page, Facebook, in the Gresham newspaper and emailed to subscribing residents. 

    Upcoming meetings

    The Historic Southeast Neighborhood Association does not currently have any upcoming meetings.

    • Boundary
    • Agendas, Bylaws and Minutes
    • Board Members

    Find your neighborhood

    The Historic Southeast Neighborhood is bounded on the north by Powell Boulevard, on the east by Hogan Road, and a block to the west of Roberts Avenue for the west and south boundaries.

    Board Members

    Allan Krim, President

    Lynn Ebinger, Vice President

    Jen Bodendorfer, Secretary

    Vacant, Treasurer

    Kevin Krebs, Land Use Chair

    • Anderson House in Historic Southeast Gresham
    • Bicyclist in Historic Southeast Gresham
    • Gate and house in Historic Southeast Gresham
    • House in Historic Southeast Gresham
    • Polar King Sign in Historic Southeast Gresham

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