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State of the City

  • Mayor Shane Bemis takes a ride, with a few of the people who are working tirelessly to make Gresham a better place, for his 2019 State of the City address.

    Join Mayor Bemis for 10 casual, unscripted conversations as he travels around this community we call home. The conversations tackle issues ranging from parks to streets to homelessness.

    Hop in the car and take a listen. 

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    • Lynn Snodgrass, CEO, Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce
    • Superintendents Dr. A. Katrise Perera, Dr. Danna Diaz, and Dr. Paul Coakley 

    • Josh Fuhrer, longtime Urban Renewal Executive Director 

    • Aaron Sando and Kevin Dahlgren, Homeless Services Team  

    • Ricki Ruiz, Gresham Youth Advisory Council Advisor 

    • Steve Fancher, Public Works Director 

    • Collin Kazu Lewis, Mt. Hood Community College Student Body President

    • Sue O'Halloran, Business Owner and Chair, Gresham Center for the Arts 

    • Council President Jerry Hinton, Councilors Karylinn Echols, Mario Palmero

    • Todd "Mr. Gresham" Kirnan and Alix Bemis, co-founder of Gresham Reads 

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